These are some of the best pieces I wrote during my time as a correspondent at Outlook Business

I worked there as a sub-editor and a correspondent between from May 2014 - February 2016.

Grit and glory

Farah Khan is not an unknown name in India. If you have spent your childhood shaking a leg to songs choreographed by her, you’d understand the feeling of awe that enveloped me when I walked into her penthouse, spread across the top floor of a residential high-rise in suburban Lokhandwala in Mumbai, home of many Bollywood stars. Walking in, one can notice the irritation in her voice as she makes corrections to a voice-over script (“Who writes these things?”). The irritation disappears once the jo

The soap rani

A conversation with television czarina Ekta Kapoor about her entrepreneurial journey is quite like an episode from one of the daily soaps she is so well-known for. There’s a seemingly simple character put in an unforeseen situation, who makes winning against all odds her sole mission. The fact that our chat lasted for exactly the half hour I was slotted for — on the schedule proudly displayed at the reception to her office — drives home this point. You cannot escape Ekta Kapoor at the Balaji Tel

Disruptive diva

Guneet Monga walks into the room with her family members — who have just flown in from Delhi. With her classic wide smile — “Could you just wait while I show them around the office?” — she proceeds to show them around the villa that is home to her seven-year-old company, Sikhya Entertainment. She eventually returns with one of her adopted dogs, Shifu (named after a character from the popular animated film Kung Fu Panda). Both of them settle down and cosy up for an hour-long conversation over a l